Thursday, 28 June 2018

And There Was Light …….

I have to admit that there have been a few dark days Chez Le Towers of late ……..
……… with the spring, the trees on the bank down to the river have come into leaf.
Romantic and shady though it may look, the branches (with said leaves) have unfortunately started to encroach on our communal garden and as a result we have found that the light in our lounge and kitchen has become diminished, and so I have found myself in correspondence with our property manager.
I was just about to send another e-mail, when, this morning, a large van with a group of gentlemen, who I presumed must have been lumberjacks, with all manner of dangerous, rufty tufty looking tools and hard hats drew up outside our block.  It was all very exciting, I am only sorry I wasn’t able to stay to watch them at work, but I had the nursery run to do.
But, when I returned later in the day, the large overhanging branches had been cut right back  and the light had miraculously returned to The Towers ……. RESULT! 
With this success under my wings, I am now wondering whether I should say something about the state of the fence that runs along the garden, as it is so flimsy it serves no purpose ……  hmmmmm.

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Mr.D said...

Great job getting them to sort it out. Nigel would have been in his element, watching the men at work.
Men at work? I feel a song coming on. "Down under."