Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Start Of “The Season”

There has been much activity on the riverbank these past few days, the grass has been well cut and a few branches cut back ……
…….because the 15th June heralds the start of the coarse fishing season.
All the fishing platforms will be repaired and numbered and a  sign stating that overnight camping is forbidden in the area in front of The Towers put up.
It’s all very exciting. If Andy was still with us, he’d have been preparing his rods and making sure his reels were well lubricated for weeks now …….. still, we expect he’ll be doing exactly the same thing up on his cloud, only when the fishing finally begins, he’ll just have to cast his line out a little further from heaven!


Mr.D said...

Does Andy need to have a haircut up on his cloud?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, our loved ones, who are sitting on the clouds, are never far from our thoughts. JantheFan x