Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Home Sweet Caravan

Our caravan, just outside Weston Super Mare is perfect.
When you’ve stayed in as many caravans as we have over the years, after a time they all meld into one, but  like I said this one suits us down to the ground.
And, to be honest, once we have “moved in”, no matter how pristine it might have looked two seconds before the key hit the lock …….
………. it very quickly looks like a bomb has hit it, especially with all the little person paraphernalia we have to carry around.
It was also lovely to be left a welcome pack in the kitchen containing all manner of stuff that I had already packed, but which can now go back with us, unused for another time, things like jeye cloths, sponges, tea bags, matches, washing up liquid, Bourbon biscuits and even some kitchen foil, which will be really, really useful for all our planned packed lunches.
And, we had the same in the bathroom, which is a shame Darrell isn’t with us, as he very much appreciates a complimentary toiletry selection ……….
The only thing that we haven’t been let is what Darrell always snaffles first (to help keep his hair from flopping over his face during his rigorous beauty routine), a bonnet de douche!!! 
Talking of the devil, I have taken notes on all the soft furnishings in said caravan for Darrell, as he likes to keep abreast of all interior design trends.  The curtains aren’t my sort of pattern, but I do appreciate the combination of colours.
And, it wouldn’t take too much mooching in various charity shops to turn the empty shelves into the focal point of the lounge.  Oh heaven help me …….  I am beginning to sound like Darrell and Hugh when they get together ….. I need to nip this worrying trait in the bud ….. instantly!

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Mr.D said...

Darrell, Hugh, and now Monkey. Who next?