Sunday, 10 June 2018

Spotty Stop Off

Sadly, we’re homeward bound in a slightly interesting condition, but decided to make a quick stop to break up the journey, have a bite to eat and let Young Master Bertie get some fresh air and stretch his legs.
However, I was careful to make sure that he was well covered up and that we kept well away from other people, poor little chap!
And, would you believe, we managed to find a train ride that we had all to ourselves ………. so no cross contamination.  In fact it was so quiet the gentleman who was driving the train let us go round twice ……..
……. which roused spirits considerably.
I was very taken by the woolly pigs we also saw, they had to be the cutest thing ever of a farmyard type nature, however their cuteability factor was lost on the slightly spotty one, who was more interested in another ride on the train …… bless him.

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Mr.D said...

Let's hope Bertie gets well soon.