Sunday, 3 June 2018

We’re Soooooooooooooo Smart!

Following on from yesterday, there have also been exciting developments Chez Le Towers, we have been propelled into the exciting world of the Smart Meter. 
It was Darrell who had arranged to have it fitted as I am very much a stranger to the communal meter cupboard ……..  which is OK as Darrell is a fanatical reader of meters.
However, as he is none too keen of spiders or any other creepy crawlies for that matter,  I am guessing that having our electric and gas readings sent automatically every 10 minutes to our provider may have had an awful lot to do with the state of our gas box!
I think all our neighbours will be very impressed when they see our shiny new meter resplendent in the cupboard under the stairs and remark to themselves how “posh” those Brummies downstairs are.
But, it’s the Display Gizmo that I am impressed really by, it’s hypnotic  seeing how much power the flat is using, and how it goes up and down when I dash around switching things on and off.
I am so glad that Darrell was out when it was fitted, as I would never have got a look in …….. it’s totally mesmerising ……. but I need him to come home soon so that he can physically drag me away from it!!  What am I like?

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Mr.D said...

Wow. Impressive. The next step will be a webcam of the meter, so you can watch it when you are out and about.