Monday, 18 June 2018

What Have I Done?

I admit that I didn’t look too closely at Darrell’s plans for his and Nigel’s room, but Darrell has reasonably good taste  and I trust that anything he has come up with will not  be too outrageous.  All I  really know is that it included quite a few drawers and several cupboard doors  ………. so when Darrell disappeared into town to, he said,  look at “knobs”, I wasn’t untowardly concerned ………..
HOme Bargains Crystal Drawer Knobs
…….. however, when he got home I hadn’t quite anticipated the number of knobs he’d had been thinking of ………
crystal door knobs
……. or that they would be so ornamental and sparkly!
Trust is a beautiful thing, and (I think) I trust Darrell, so who am I to doubt or rain on his rather twinkly parade?

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Mr.D said...

They are certainly sparkly.