Monday, 25 June 2018

Ducks A Waddling And A Paddling

There’s a rather large puddle, near the bridge, at the top of our estate ………..
…….. which appears to have become home for a group of three to four ducks.
But, said puddle set up, though very cosy and cute is worrying Nigel to bits, because during the day the area is used by heavy lorries carrying scrap metal as an access to the yard behind ……….
……. and, poor Nigel has noticed that the ducks also have a very laissez faire attitude as far as any traffic is concerned, and so refuse to be rushed when they are waddling to and from “their” puddle through the estate, no matter how large and imposing the vehicle.
So worried about making some make shift placards of his own and then contacting the council requesting that to put up some official  “Beware of the Ducks” signs all down the road.
There has also been some speculation at The Towers about why the ducks have left the river for such a puddle ………..
Has there been some sort of duck disagreement? Are these ducks outcasts, bullied and seeking sanctuary or are they maverick ducks, out to do their own thing, casting aside the traditions and social complexities of duckdom.
I guess we will never know.  But what I do know is that their affinity with this puddle is causing Nigel a lot of restless nights and constant fretful musings.


Mr.D said...

Cor blimey, love a duck.

Anonymous said...

Bless the little ducks, maybe they need a little solitude - doubt the puddle will be there for long with this hot weather. I'm with Nige for a placard - I feel like doing one in our road for the wandering evening hedgehogs! JantheFan x