Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Farewell Georgioupolis

Tomorrow I will be back home at The Towers reunited with Darrell and Nigel after what seems to be weeks apart .........
......... but before I leave I have one holiday tradition  to complete ..........
....... a toast to another wonderful holiday on the beach with a small bottle of Asti Spumante our sparkling wine of choice ........ with the promise that I will return one day with Darrell and Nigel in tow.
Usually I have to share said spumante between the three of us but on this occassion I had it all to myself, I am afraid I had to return to my room for a little lie down to settle the world  ..........

....... before changing and returning to the hotel bar that become my "local" for the last time for a very strong iced coffee!  I am such a light weight!

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

What a wonderful way to end yet another Greek odyssey. After so many trips, how many Greek words have you picked up? Here are a few:

I hope you tried a few of these - not rhinoceros or hippopotamus, obviously.