Friday, 20 November 2020

The MAD Museum, Stratford Upon Avon

Blooming, blooming meltdown ........ although Stratford Upon Avon has many historical and intellectual pleasures of a Shakespearean type nature ………


……. before said second meltdown it’s was The MAD Museum that Nigel would always head to first, when we  popped over, with all its weird and amazing displays of interactive and mechanical art.


It’s the wonderfully complicated marble runs (or rolling ball sculptures as they call them) that would have Nigel virtually hypnotised ……… which is never a bad thing, if only for a short while!


It’s a place of awe and wonder for the little fella, with so many buttons for one soooooooo curious to press without the fear of having his wrist slapped…….. 


…… where he can embrace and connect to, as he puts it, his “leanings towards the kinetic” and penchant for the odd sprocket or two  …….


…….not to mention stretching his robustly and highly tuned methodical brain … 


……. well, who am I to argue with that?  Bless him, what is he?


Mr.D said...

What a great place.

I Googled the MAD museum, and it says:

"The Mechanical Art & Design Museum. Visit Warwickshire's best loved museum to watch and interact with mind-boggling mechanical creations."

Nigel's mind appears well and truly boggled.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant concept - there should be more museums around like this. JantheFan x