Saturday, 2 January 2016

Nigel’s New Year Angst Continues .......

Little did Nigel suspect that after a night spent sleeping with his winning festive scratchcard, lest it was lost or stolen, he would find himself facing another conundrum of a potential windfall type nature. However, on his way to collect his £1 prize, he found a penny on the pavement, and as you know, we are great believers of the saying “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long it’ll bring you luck!” Oh dear, Nigel had all but decided to collect his pound and put it straight in his piggy bank, not risking it on another scratchcard, but finding a penny …….. well,  that complicated things!!!  So, he came straight home to muse and ponder and then muse some more after announcing in true Hugh type style that he "Vanted to be alone”

At around five o’clock Darrell and I heard a chink noise, which, we later found out was Nigel’s “found” penny, being safely deposited in his aforementioned piggy bank for a rainy day, or, very hot day in Greece and then ........ we heard the front door open and close…….

In the end Nigel had decided that as the "real" lottery hadn’t been won for the umpteenth time and was now standing at 46.5 million pounds he would invest his £1 prize and match it with another from the loose change he keeps on his bedside cabinet and risk it all on tonight’s many rolled over lottery!

So, last night Nigel found himself spending yet another night sleeping with another ticket but on which the stakes are considerably higher ……. I am not sure if my nerves can stand it!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Your nerves, Nigel's nerves, Mum's Monkey fans' nerves?

Dianne said...

My oh my.... a tense situation for sure...."a roll of the dice" bringing more possibilities than the mind can fathom....brave Nigel, forging ahead with high hopes.....very courageous; sending positive thoughts your way......Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel-what have you done??!! I only hope you get your £1 winnings back but I fear you might have lost everything.