Monday, 11 January 2016

OMG, The Endless Opportunities That A Life In Evesham Could Bring ……

The Internet can sometimes be a dangerous place, especially in Darrell’s hands …….. heaven help me, look what he has found now ……. !!!!!!
He was soooooooooooo robustly excited that he even felt it necessary to phone me while I am still in Liverpool …… what is he like?
He has already started to consult Hugh, the Dion of the showbiz dinner party circuit and to see if he can borrow Hugh's silver cutlery set with the matching candelabras!   …… Who wouldn’t want to dine with us and who wouldn’t want us dining with them????  Oh good grief!!!  I have told him, quite firmly, to put his Nigella down, as we really need to find a house first before embarking on such a project. I also doubt very much that the Lovely Laura would be willing to allow a real life film crew, let alone any hungry strangers through the portals of Snake Mountain for us to entertain in the meantime!!!!!!!!  I am afraid this one will have to wait!!!


Mr.D said...

One for the future.
Careful when moving and using the candelabras. Nigel could have a nasty accident.

PharmacyMichele said...

Uh oh- I sense a disappointed Darrell when you return to Evesham!! You could tell him he needs to keep this in mind when you're house hunting, to make sure your new kitchen & dining area is large enough for dinner parties!


Dianne said...

The possibilities Evesham offers are predicting a very full life and the best of happy times!.....Darrell will obviously be brimming with ideas for entertaining......I do see Happy Evesham Days just ahead!....Dianne