Friday, 1 January 2016

Nigel’s Most Excellent Start To The New Year.

In all the excitement of Christmas and New Year Nigel had completely forgotten about the scratchcard he had been given as a present and had put safely way in his bedside cabinet for later …… until this morning when he found it again when he needed a clean hankie.He was soooooo excited as he rubbed away, certain that this was the winning ticket, all he needed was two matching pictures to win a prize ………
……. and, bless him, he got two “rabfots" on the very first line. Well, there was no doing with him after that!!!  He wanted to phone the lottery hot line to double, triple and quadruple check that he had won and hear them say that he was now a millionaire, until I felt that I had to cruelly burst his bubble and point out that he had only won £1.  However, this news did not crush any of his robust indomitable spirit or excitement.
He has chosen to sleep with said scratchcard on his pillow, until he could get to the village Tesco Express to cash it in …… facing the huge dilemma as to whether he should risk the £1 on another scratchcard for another chance of winning a prize, or should he quit while he was winning and put the £1 in his piggy bank to save for a rainy day ……. I suspect there will be a LOT of tossing and turning noises coming from his bedroom tonight   ….. goodness knows what his decision will be!


PharmacyMichele said...

Well done Nigel-Lotto winner!!! I hope you all have a very happy & healthy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love to buy a scratch card now and again - and occasionally can match Nigel's dilemma - decisions, decisions. That reminds me - I haven't scratched for a little while - next time I'm out shopping I'll dig in my purse for a little change..............Happy Scratching in 2016 boyz! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Congratulations Nigel! decisions can keep anyone awake while trying to make wise choices!....mighty tempting to try for another win.....choices, choices......good luck, Dianne

Die Affen said...

Dear Monkeyfriends,

We hope you have a most exciting and happy 2016 with lots of winning tickets!!! We did try and post a comment yesterday to wish you a good New Year's Eve, but it doesn't seem to have made it through. :( So we are now trying with a different browser. It's called Safari so maybe that's a good sign that it will work. (Because we are monkeys you know?)

Also, we are currently using our holiday-induced free time to read your blog all the way from the beginning which is most exciting! It helps us understand all of your wonderful stories so much better, now that we know how everything happened. It's even better than series binging if you ask me!

Robust hugs from Dortmund
The German Monkeys

Mr.D said...

I hope Nigel does some turning but no tossing, thank you.
He shouldn't scratch too much - it can cause problems.

Mr.D said...

Without a whistle and flute?
What will you wear instead?