Friday, 8 January 2016

Well, Quelle Suprise, Je Suis Dans Liverpool!!!!

This may be all a bit of a surprise because, well ……you find me today, flying solo in Liverpool!
IMG_6765It was all booked and paid for ages ago, I was due to go to a concert, which sadly it had to be cancelled, but after a bit of dithering, I decided that since Darrell and Nigel were coping so admirably in Evesham, I may as well have a break anyway.
IMG_6769I think my hotel (of which, more later), could be described as iconic, reflecting the proud history of Liverpool as it was built to look like a liner, and as you can see it's a stones throw from the equally historic Liver Building.
IMG_6768 With the said concert cancelled, I don’t really have any plans for what is really a very quick whistle stop trip, so I thought I would just casually mooch in an nonchalant fashion and see what catches my fancy.
IMG_6887Darrell said that while I am in here, I really ought to try some scouse, as, and I quote “ …….it’s always so romantically special  to eat a native dish when one is travelling!”  What is he like?  However, although I have seen a couple of posters I have yet to track any scouse down!


PharmacyMichele said...

I can't believe you have been so close to my home town of Southport & I've not had chance to meet you!! Good luck searching for somewhere that serves Scouse.

Looking forward to hearing all about your visit to Liverpool.


Mr.D said...

Scouse pie?
It looks tasty.

Dianne said...

A little getaway is always a good idea....seen Liverpool on Antiques Roadshow; they always give you a nice tour of their host city....bummer about the concert but Liverpool should have an interesting adventure or two!....Dianne