Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A Review Too Far?

NB: Please do not attempt this review for yourselves, remember, we are professionals!
When we started out these Alaska milk cream filled corn snacks promised much, when removed from the packet the rolls smelt wonderfully of a creamy vanilla and we all went “Mmmmmmmm” ……
……… but, in the tasting, oh my goodness me, there was no nom nom and how often do you ever hear us say that where comestible treats are concerned?
I don’t think it was the filling that was the problem, it was more the corn outer layer that was soooooooooo awful, so succinctly described by Nigel as being just like the polystyrene pieces you get in packing boxes but worse …… and no, I didn’t ask how he knows that ……….
IMG_6751 ……. but they were bad!
Once our palates were surgically cleansed and recalibrated we all agreed that, in this instance, our review should be declared to be null and void, with no score being awarded as no figure could go low enough.  However, perhaps on the plus side, we might send Ant and Dec a pack of Alaska for a none wiggly insect borne Bush Tucker Trial, as they can’t taste any worse than any ostrich rectum or testicular bit they have served to celebrities in the past!  What are we like?


Mr.D said...

No noms to be had. How disappointing.

Dianne said...

My oh my, will that treat find favour with anyone or will it end up in the past due date-clearance basket?.......different tastes for different folks but this treat doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualities.....c'est la vie!.......Love, Dianne