Tuesday, 13 February 2018

It’s Pancake Day

Well, Darrell, as per every year, has been slaving over a hot stove to provide us with our annual Pancake Day pancakes.
Always very critical of his skills, Darrell was, this year, reluctant to toss, as he observed that each and every pancake, for some bizarre reason, seemed to develop a split in the middle and that, he didn’t think, boded well for said traditional tossing of.
And as per usual the first pancake turned out to be the runt of the litter, but that is always the one we fight over, as for some reason it always tastes the best of the bunch.IMG_6656
There was much nomming and not much talkin’ when Darrell bought his delicacies over to the table to an eagerly awaiting Nigel and I.  And no squirty cream for us, just good old lemon juice and sugar.
We don’t think we will be giving anything up of a foodie type nature this Lent, we have been a bit tardy with our reviews of late and giving anything up could possibly get in the way, resulting in reviews just not getting done.
And ……. we have noted …… that if you’ve given up chocolate for said Lenten Season, it’s Valentines Day tomorrow and any chocolaty/confectionary type gift could be in grave danger of going stale until Easter, and that could look just a little ungrateful to your loved one.


Mr.D said...

Lemon juice and sugar! No!

It HAS to be lemon juice and Lyle's Golden Syrup! (Light treacle to you, Dianne.)

Dianne said...

Do love pancakes any day......very nice they have their own day when they are especially appreciated..our first pancake always seems to turn out too light or too dark!.....Happy Pancake Day, Dianne