Friday, 16 February 2018

Nigel Explores Uncharted Territories

Nigel finally got round to toddling down to the pond that none of us had ever noticed before until recently. It is situated on the cusp of our estate and Nigel has been been mithering about it ever since he first spotted it, so in the end I said “ ……. just get down there for goodness sake Nigel!”
Let’s just say it was VERY green, so green pea soup springs to mind!
Nigel could only look down to it from the pathway as it was securely fenced up, so he wasn’t able to work out how deep it is.
It also has a bed of well established bull-rushes and other foliage of a pond type nature.
Further down the field it looked a little flooded and boggy, probably due to all the recent inclement weather we’ve had and didn’t look so securely fenced up. 
IMG_6563I think Nigel was secretly hoping on finding a rope swing and perhaps a den ………. He needs to wait a while ‘till it’s not quite so squelchy under foot and then re-explore. When we first moved, we did read in another flats details that it had views of the fabled “the watercress fields” ……since finding the pond Darrell and Nigel’s further research has come up with nothing ……. but, just perhaps, this is what Nigel has found?????  We will keep you informed if we can find out more.


Mr.D said...

Please make sure Nigel doesn't try to make a sandwich including the fabled watercress fields.

He may end up with fabled diarrhoea.

Dianne said...

Definitely there is enough intrigue and mystery to keep Nigel's interest for some time...... the term watercress fields does catch your attention and invite curiosity! much exploring for one young monkey.....Love, Dianne