Monday, 5 February 2018

Darrell Wields A Mighty Paint Roller

It has to be said that due to our recent unfortunate bout of flu, Darrell’s dream of a fabbbbbbbuuuuulous bedroom makeover has got just a tad behind. It feels like Mr Pete packed up his very impressive toolbox and bid farewell to us what seems to be ages ago, but since then, nothing has happened.
Until, that is, yesterday morning, when Darrell finally found the strength to call Mr Derek to finally arrange the completion of  the electrical work.
And Darrell, though a total stranger to the medium of emulsion and the small paint roller, decided that it would be a touch too extravagant to get a painter in to just touch up the wall behind the bed, so had a go himself, between sniffles and cough lozenges……..
IMG_6537I have to say “the boy dun gud”  and now, hopefully, by the end of the week, I think I may be able to return to my new “lux” room, as Darrell likes to call it  …… and a promised  special, celebratory “bedchamber” cocktail, as this has been quite a project in the making, bless him!


Mr.D said...

As long as it is a bedchamber cocktail and not a bedpan cocktail!

The boy Darrell dun gud!

Dianne said...

aaaahhh....Darrell's decorating skills are expanding into the world of paint and it's decorating possibilities!....I see piles of paint sample cards as he explores colours and textures.....nothing will be safe as his roller/brush skill grows!.......Love to all, Dianne