Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Eurovision–We’ve Decided 2018!!!!!

Tonight we shall be glued to BBC 1 for an evening of pure Eurovision pleasure as the country, including our good selves, get to decide who will represent us at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in May …….. it’s all too exciting …………IMG_6548Well, that’s the theory anyway! 
As you know, we absolutely LOVE Eurovision, but having listened to all this years entries to represent the UK, several times over I hasten to add, I think it only honest to admit now that getting into double figures this year in Portugal is looking very unlikely, because in our opinion our choice of songs is (yet again) pants ……….
IMG_6552IMG_6551 ……… so, it will be the pure spectacle and occasion of the event, rather than our “song”  that  will be our focus in May,  heart-breaking though it is to admit. C’est la Eurovision vie!
However, going off on a a tangent fashion wise, Darrell noted that entrant Jaz can certainly rock a large, black pearl necklace (although Hugh, his best friend and mentor was doing it years and years ago darling),  but not to be put off, Darrell thinks he  may give it a try himself!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Enjoy the show.

Any song that has the line "Inky Pinky Parlez Vous" is a winner in my eyes.

Dianne said...

Excitement on many fronts for certain..... a new approach might just make it great fun and prevent the stress of deep disappointment......enjoy the spectacle!.....Love, Dianne