Saturday, 3 February 2018

Nigel Takes The Plunge

After too many days feeling dire in bed Nigel emerged mid morning saying that he was struggling, and through weakened from our ordeal, his lungs were beginning to feel the call for some sweet fresh air, no matter how cold …… he was feeling, he said “fetid”!
He didn’t go too far, but found, in our absence, that spring seemed to have sprung ………
…….. and Evesham now seemed to be awash in croci! He said his spirits were buoyed ………
……. and knowing that Darrell and I were still probably not up to food, he took himself off to M & S for a bowl of their spicy lentil soup (almost, he thought, as good as a would be Nana’s) accompanied by two seeded bread rolls and real butter pats ….. before heading back home to see how Darrell and I were doing, bless him!


Mr.D said...

The plural of crocus is croci or crocuses.

The lentil soup, with two seeded bread rolls and real butter pats looks wonderful.

Butter pats sound much better than cow pats.

Anonymous said...

Oh that soup looks a perfect pick-me-up and the perfect soup, I'm heading over to my M&S cafe right now. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

My that does look delicious!....lucky Nigel able to enjoy Evesham's great food that does seem to be everywhere ......the fresh air, crocus (springtime's happy croci all around) declaring Spring has Sprung, then enjoying a wonderful lunch; hooray!.....Love, Dianne