Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Darrell Succumbs To The Unknown

There was much excitement Chez Towers this morning with the arrival of Darrell’s subscription craft beer.
He finally succumbed after seeing all the tantalising boxes that arrive every month at Tom the Scientists.
IMG_6682Now, as you know, we all very much appreciate a well shaken cocktail, but sometimes Darrell and my own good self sometimes fancy something a little hoppy of a Saturday night.
……. but as relative strangers to a craft beer, Darrell thought a subscription of said beers, chosen by others for our delectation, would broaden the horizon of our palates and save on all that time erming and ahhhing in front of the supermarket shelves.
This months choice comes from Amsterdam and promises much, Amsterdam being a very vibrant city.
Our dipping our toes into the world of craft beers will be aided, hopefully, by the “tasting notes” in the accompanying Ferment magazine, so at least we will have an idea of what to look for as we are genteelly supping, and of course, on our journey, we will obviously bring you the odd review or two.
There are also a few recipes in the aforementioned Ferment, however I don’t think anyone will be torching any sea urchins for tea at The Towers, that’s just a little too exotic, even for us and goodness knows where we would get sea urchins in Evesham anyway.
IMG_6692 Our first beer, we have decided, will be Thai Thai …… with its “ …..exciting interaction between spices, sweetness and freshness”…… hmmmmmmmmm. 


Mr.D said...

Looks good, as well as interesting, but give me a pint of real ale any day of the week!

Dianne said...

This new adventure at the Towers promises interesting reviews; it really does sound like an opportunity to broaden your horizons! ......wishing you many happy times as you travel around the world of craft beers.....I would definitely bypass any recipes involving sea urchins!.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Cheers! Sounds good to me with or without sea urchins! JantheFan x

marc said...

o no darlings no no your not sitting in doors tasting and scoring beer its just one step away from flat caps whippets and those flying homing rat things (o pigeons ) you get straight back on a little fizz or a voddy drunk on a beach or a nice 10 star hotel ,leave the beer others to enjoy big shocked almost horrified at the thought of it love Hugh