Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Kokos - Makronem

We have been terribly remiss of late with our reviews, in particular with the selection of delicacies sent to us by our very dear friends Ze Monkeys in Teutonic Germany just after Christmas.
But now, with our appetites, happily, all but returned, we thought we really should get back on task ……. well, it would look rude not to.
We thought we would start with a sweetmeat that looked like it was fairly familiar territory …… and so after Darrell did a quick Google translation we didn’t think we could go far wrong sampling a Kokos Makronem, or, to you, a coconut macaroon, especially as we are all very partial to all things of a coconuty disposition.
Let’s just say they did not disappoint!
They delivered, they were suitably moist, sweetened to perfection and the thin layer of dark chocolate on the bottom was a triumph, to wit, we were transported to a Deutschland macaroon type heaven.
And so we feel we can award a hearty 3 x pie R squared out of 3 for Ze Monkeys much appreciated Kakos Makronem, nom nom nom!


Mr.D said...

A circular mathematical feast of noms.

The packet also say "mit Schokoboden." Google translate has this as a less than appetising "with chocolate soil!" Oops. It certainly loses something in translation.


CraftyCoffey said...

Lovely to see that you’re all feeling much better & have started the food reviews again, the coconut macaroons look delicious.


Anonymous said...

Yum! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

The macaroons look delicious......great choice for the newest review.....always extra special when the appetite returns after being sick and there are goodies to enjoy!.....Love, Dianne

Ze Monkeys said...