Sunday, 18 February 2018

Evesham Hit By An Earthquake!

OMG …….. who would have thought that yesterday afternoon, at around 2.42pm Evesham would feel the full force of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. It didn’t last that long and by the time we’d mustered under the safety of the dining  table it was over…….. but the earth definitely moved.
Unlike Mr D in Mexico in Evesham we are very much strangers to the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates and seismic waves…….
….. but living so close to the river I had to reassure Nigel, as best I could, that I really didn’t think there was the risk of a tsunami to follow.
IMG_6742 However, we decided it best to stay under the table for the best part of two and a half hours just in case there were any nasty after shocks …… before moving when Darrell and Nigel started to miss their afternoon snack.  That a day!


Mr.D said...

We had a big one yesterday - 7.2 and the whole room shook for an hour. This was the biggest since September, which was 8.2. The latter went backwards and forwards plus up and down. I was genuinely scared each time.

The Richter scale is logarithmic so the September one was 5000 times more powerful than yours in the UK.

The Monkeys were sensible but, probably, overly cautious.

Di said...

Phew - what a shock (wave) - in the UK of all places. Beats the moving floors in Swindon last year! Hope all is settled again.

Hugs and such

Hank and Marvin

Pamela said...

Good to see you all survived. I live quite close to where the centre of the quake was and it left me quite shaken up. Don't want to go through that too often!

Mrs A. said...

What exciting lives you all lead. Norm is still very much in the dog house. Offering Sammy a piece of his yorkie bar and a dead rose from the garden just added insult to injury! Hugs Mrs A.

Dianne said...

Good grief!!!!.....goodness gracious!!!!....this is hard to believe; who would ever think you could be in danger of nature's wrath in Evesham??? very, very glad you are safe and hope it will never happen again......didn't know about this at all.....have been hibernating all weekend dealing with a family illness so I will have to do an internet search.......strange things are happening........Much love to all, Dianne