Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve 2015

Well, here we are, yet again, in the ebbing hours and fading light of the last day of 2015 ……. where do the years go?2015 has been, quite simply, a very eventful, life changing year for us. Back in January we never dreamt that we would ever give up our jobs to lead double lives going between Wolverhampton and Evesham, and then …… a few months later, decide that in 2016 we would leave Castle Greysquirrel and our beloved village with all it’s pleasures for a whole new life in Evesham, which is why you find us in thoughtful mood today.  It’s not going to be all systems go, go, go on 1st January, we have a schedule ….. which will be all be slowly revealed in the fullness of time, as it happens ……. but we need to stay calm!
Which is why we have planned a very, very quiet New Years Eve, without resolutions,  or whistles, bells or flutes, no waiting up for Big Ben to chime, no oohing and ahhhing at the following mahooooosive firework display or staying up late to watch Jules Holland’s Hootenanny ….. we will be entering 2016 under the radar ……
…… going to bed early, before all the over hyped pandemonium, after sharing a very understated celebratory and reflective Snowball or two ……………. each a little bit lost in the memories of our adventures of this past year and wondering where we will find ourselves this time next year  …….
It’s going to be quite a ride and we hope you will come with us …… 


PharmacyMichele said...

I think 2016 could prove to be a very exciting year!! For the first time in many years, we're going out tonight-hopefully I'll be able to stay awake!!


German Monkeys said...

Our dear Monkeyfriends,

We hope you will enjoy your quiet New Year's and will make it (or as we say over here in Germany 'rutsch' i.e. slide) into the New Year happy and well and full of hope.

May we suggest -- if it fits in with your quiet New Year's festivity plans -- that you indulge in a truly German tradition and head over to Youtube to watch the short movie "Dinner for one", which, weirdly, although it is an English production, no one in England really knows, and is aired over here about 9 152 848 times over the day. Maybe it will put a smile on your thoughtful faces. :)

With woolly kisses and best of wishes
The German Monkeys

Dianne said...

A quiet time for reflection is always a good idea especially when new adventures are ahead....your friends will be keeping you company and certainly be aboard for the all that is upcoming.......HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Boyz for all the cheerful posts and the adventures you have taken me on during 2015 - It has been wonderful to share it all with you. And now with 2016 upon us - there is so much to look forward to - my seat belt is fastened I'm ready for the ride - bring it on. All the best to you and all of your other followers out there. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

There will be tears on the streets of your village when you leave.
There will be rejoicing on the streets of Evesham when you arrive. Should one drink Babycham in Evesham?