Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A Shark In Our Midst?

It seems that The Ever Fragrant and very LOVELY Sammy is something of a Card Queen on the quiet ……
IMG_4607…… and though very much strangers to a deck of cards ourselves, it would have looked most rude not to join in with a hand or two when invited …… a last get together before everyone, very sadly, had to wend their ways back home.
IMG_4610However, it soon became very apparent just how serious and  “professional” Sammy and Norm actually were  ……
IMG_4606 …… and reversely, how inept Darrell, Nigel and I were, not having a clue what we were doing …….
IMG_4604 …… perhaps it was Nigel’s going “snap”, which didn’t go down too well, that gave us away in the end!
So, we were soon relegated to the side-lines, which was still great fun, watching Sammy very quickly strip everyone of their chocolate button stakes.
IMG_4603Fragrant though she may be, beneath all the pink, flowers, lace, beads and froth, Sammy is quite the shark, but only in the very nicest possible sort of way of course ……… however, Darrell, Nigel and I have now resolved to hone our card skills in the future, so that we won’t be found quite so lacking, should we ever be invited to play cards again!


Mr.D said...

As they say: " Lucky at cards, unlucky in love."

Whoever "they" are.

This reminded me of a great W.C. Fields quote: I spent half my money on booze, women, and gambling. The other half I wasted.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness boyz - you amaze me every day - you may not be top ranking in the card game stakes - but you sure are high flyers in other ways. JantheFan x

Mrs A. said...

Well I think that Sammy has just proven Mr D. Wrong on that point as Norm has just presented her with the most ginormous ring! Eat you heart out Liz Taylor. Hugs Mrs A.

Mr.D said...

Mrs. A - I am delighted to be proved wrong! Great news.