Saturday, 9 September 2017

Reunited …… And It Feels Soooooo Good (Peaches & Herb)

What can I tell you? To be honest, I’m not really sure whether our almost full English yesterday morning was that good an idea, because once we’d finished it all that was left to do was wait for Hank, Marvin, Sammy and Norm to arrive ………
aaaaaa…….. believe me by the time 11.30 arrived our stomachs were all turning summersaults and triple salchows, and perhaps our frequent visits to the gentleman's rest room should remain unmentioned ….. except to say that the plumbing of our Holiday Inn was second to none!
bbbbbbbbAll we were rendered capable of was just sitting and watching the door for what seemed to be forever, unable to hold any real sort of conversation, but each wondering if/how we would all get on, what if conversation didn’t flow, and what if we didn’t even recognise each other, after all, we hadn’t seen each other for over six years!
gAnd then …… they all bounded in, all breathless with that tangible and palpable excitement that old friends often exude when they meet up after a long time apart,  talking ten to the dozen. It was hard to know who to hug first and then it was hard to let go  ……. it was very, very, very emotional!
dI think we almost bought the hotel foyer to a standstill until Darrell suggested we move in to the lounge and there for just one minute we all just sat and looked at each other ……. and then the brouhaha began again, it was if we’d never been apart.
IMG_4679We hadn’t met Norm’s good lady Sammy before, she wasn’t one of our adoptees, but none of us could fail to see how beautiful she was, like a little china doll, I think I can only describe her as being absolutely fragrant.
e To find a lady who can not only carry off a flower and butterfly festooned hat on a warm Friday afternoon after travelling across the country to meet us, then stepping out of the car without a single crease or hair out of place ……….
1I think we were all a little besotted and envious that Norm has obviously found his true love and soul mate ……..
hh……. the boy done good after not the best start in life!
jHank and Marvin hadn’t changed a bit either, Hank was still a huge fan of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (just like us), so he wanted to know every single, minute detail about our recent trip to the Boot Camp stage of X Factor and what Simon looked like in real life. Marvin, in turn, was still into his Lego, though he had noticed that it has been getting a little more complicated these days with all the new fiddly bits and pieces …… and then there was his beloved Create and Craft, no one, not even Hugh (Darrell’s best friend, mentor and style guru) can wield a heat gun and emboss quite like Marvin, and judging from his photos, he is no stranger to the machinations of a  Big Shot either!
fI’ll be honest, we didn’t move from our sofa for the rest of the day, it was hard to be apart for a single second, we had so much to catch up on, but in a spooky Derek Accorah type way, it was as if time had also stood still …….. very still!


Mr.D said...

What an excellent day! None of you have changed one bit. Not even mum! It was as though you had never been apart - the way it is with good friends.

Dianne said...

A hearty breakfast can be a curse or a blessing when faced with this happy but very emotional occasion.....Sammy is very lovely and obviously the belle of the ball!...thank you and love the wonderful pictures that share this fun get together with all of us....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

What joy! Janthefan x

Di said...

Leave my Big Shot out of this!


Marvin (snort!) x