Friday, 1 September 2017

Ow-wer ……..Painful

It’s usually Nigel’s  prerogative to spot the peculiar, thought provoking or as often as not, appetite inducing in the shop windows and noticeboards of Evesham, but yesterday, it was my turn ………….
IMG_4435 ……. but I am not really sure under what category it would come under, the just plain spooky, I think ………… a very early indication that Halloween is all but about eight weeks away perhaps?
IMG_4434It was the only object in the window of  a shop (aside some brown paper bags) that closed down last week.  It has to be said that Evesham does have it’s own ghost bus and takes it hauntedness quite seriously, but is this, dare I ask, something of a darker type nature?
IMG_4436I did look up “nailed frog” on the tinternet when I got home just to see if it had any occultist connotations, but all that came up were frog inspired manicures.
frog fingersPerhaps it’s just a private joke, I will probably never know, but if/when Nigel spots it (I am not telling him though), there will probably be a lot more pondering and debate than I could ever give it.  But at 50p, I don’t think I will be making a considered purchase of a nailed frog on a makeshift log, it just makes me feel just a tad queasy. 

And on a completely different tack ...... how did it get to be September ?????


Mr.D said...

If Nigel finds out you didn't tell him, he will be hopping mad.

Dianne said...

Spoooooky!.....hopefully it will disappear before Nigel is window shopping in the easy way to explain it to sensitive Nigel.....Love,Dianne