Thursday, 7 September 2017

We’re In Swindon!

We’re in Swindon, wooooo hoooooo hoooooo ……. ready for our first Adopted Monkey “Conference”!  Our journey was surprisingly speedy, despite our having to change twice at Oxford and Didcot Parkway.  I passed the time by reading The Metro from cover to cover, Darrell played Candy Crush Saga on his phone and Nigel looked out of the window while partaking in a coffee and several Twixs.  
IMG_4554The other “delegates” don’t arrive until tomorrow morning, so we had a little time to acclimatise ourselves to the Swindon “vibe” as Darrell calls it, in other words we had time to have a mooch round the shops!
IMG_4555And, we happened upon a very satisfyingly mahooooosive Pound World ………
IMG_4556……… which wasn’t that busy as we descended …….
IMG_4566But, we didn’t go too overboard, the excitement of tomorrow occupying a lot of our thoughts, but I made  the first considered purchase of a tube of Ketchup Pringles, which are our very most favourite Pringle of choice, but as they are VERY hard to find, they are a real treat.  We all sighed when I held them aloft because the last place we found them was on our last but one Greek Oddity Odyssey!  Due to their rarity I am not sure whether to proffer them to Hank, Marvin, Sammy and Norman, should we have a midnight feast back at our hotel, I need to think about that one carefully!
IMG_4560 And Darrell …… he stocked up on reading glasses, he was particularly chuffed with what he got, as Hugh had told him that red is about to become the a la mode, de rigeuer colour of the season ……. and as Nigel remarked, he ought to put an extra pair aside for the festive season, to accessorise with all our gay apparel. I did slap his wrist at that, because it’s far too early to even mention that word, despite what Nigel had said in the card shop the other week.
IMG_4562Still Darrell did look pretty smart ……and bang on trend in advance.
IMG_4563Now, at our Holiday Inn Express Hotel all we can do is to exchange excited texts  between the others and await their arrival.


Mr.D said...

All excitement and frenzied anticipation!

Di said...

Gosh, it's almost as if I was there too! Snort 😊


Di xx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gathering it will be. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Truly exciting as the fun that Pound love those red readers! .....Swindon seems perfect for this hopefully annual get-together!....Love, Dianne

Mrs A. said...

Sorry we got caught up in roadworks. But we are here now. Just unpacking the car . Hugs Norm & Sammy.

Karenladd said...

I had gotten a sneak peek of the monkey antics but had to come over for an in-depth look of the festivities. I thought I had seen the cutest scenes and poses so far, but then I got a look at Darrell in his red reading glasses and I nearly fell out of my chair! These monkeys are beyond adorable and so full of personality that I'm not surprised they stole the show at the hotel. Everyone seems to have had a ball and I thank you for sharing all the fun with made my day!