Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Preparations For Our Adopted Monkey Convention.

We thought it might be nice to take a few gifts for Hank, Marvin, Norm and Sammy to our “Monkey Convention”  ……..
IMG_4540…….. and it was Darrell who came up with the idea  that we all wear matching “convention” shirts …….. so, he went out with Nigel on one of their mooching expeditions and came back with these …….. IMG_4541…….. including a pink version for Sammy, the only female in the party.  However, from what the news and the papers have all been full of, the shop where Darrell made his considered purchase, and we in turn may have made a terrible politically incorrect faux pas in our said choice, next time perhaps we should be a lot more gender neutrally aware  ……. we just hope we don’t offend anyone at the hotel, if we go to dinner/breakfast en mass wearing them.
IMG_4547Anyway ……. Nigel helped me wrap our gifts up in brown paper packages tied up with string ………
………. which we all thought was a very romantic way of presenting our gifts, and hummed accordingly as Nigel cut the string and handed it to me.
IMG_4542We also decided to go the whole hog and present everyone with the national confectionary of Evesham, some Pershore Pear and Custard and Evesham Mint Berry suckie sweets ……… happy days!


Mr.D said...

Those are a few of my favourite things!

The convention will probably break conventions, if you know what I mean.

The pear and custard sweets sound great.

Mrs A. said...

Norm has refused to take his tee shirt off. I have told him if he gets tomato ketchup on it then it will be going in the washing machine with him attached if need be!. Sammy luvs her pink tee shirt and wears her pinny at the tea table just in case Norm squirts tomato ketchup in her direction. Oh happy days. Hugs Mrs A.
p.s. The photos have all come out really well.

Dianne said...

Great planning for this very special occasion! ....Darrell is right on target with matching convention shirts .....going to be so much fun seeing everyone to look at the pictures of all the lucky adoptees who found great homes!....Love to all, Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I'll bet everyone is getting very excited, really looking forward to hearing all about the meet up. I think the tee shirts are a great idea.


Di said...

Hank and Marvin are still on cloud 9. Refusing to wash away any Hugs. Mucky little pups!

Di xx