Friday, 8 September 2017

Nigel Calms His Convention Nerves By Checking Out Breakfast.

We all slept well, despite a few pre-convention jitters, but with Hank, Marvin, Norm and Sammy not arriving until about 11.30am, Nigel decided to calm his  nerves by lining his stomach with a hearty breakfast to make sure it would be acceptable for everyone else tomorrow morning.
There were mini muffins and croissants ……..
IMG_4664…… and a full and varied selection of cereals.
IMG_4659But the top test for a good hotel breakfast for all of us is   …….. having marmite, our savoury spread of choice, alongside the jams,marmalade and Nutella spread.
IMG_4665It was very tempting to build our own bap, but perhaps tomorrow ……….
IMG_4667…… because this morning …….
IMG_4668……. it just had to be an ample, if not full English!


Mr.D said...

A full English for me too, please. Sausage, bacon eggs, chips and beans, if they are all available. My mouth is watering!

Dianne said...

Couldn't be a better start to this happy occasion than a good breakfast.....happy day ahead!, Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Excellent idea Nigel, you should always start the day with a hearty breakfast. Looking forward to hearing all about the meet up.


Di said...

That looks like a healthy option to us!

Love from

Hank and Marvin xx

marc said...

was there a veggie choice was there hash browns could one build a chip bap or hugh would like eggs Benedict if poss with hand squeezed pomegranate juice and a fresh tropical fruit salad and his brie and damson jam crumpets one needs to know big love him that does