Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Great Excitement Looms At The Towers

We’ve kept this under our hats for a while now, but now we can tell you that are are off to Swindon for our first ever Mum’s Monkey Adoption Meet Up…….
Picture 100Back in 2011 we did quite a bit of rescuing after finding too many monkeys like us unwanted and abandoned in charity shops, car boot sales and e-bay. We took goodness know how many in, dressed them more appropriately, gave them back their confidence and then went about finding suitable new homes for them after a rigorous adoption process where no question was left unasked and no probing was felt to be too deep  ………
Picture 225Over the years we have kept in touch with quite a few of our “offspring”, even if it was just a Christmas card and the odd e-mail ……
Picture 227…… but then on the spur of the moment we decided to ask Hank, Marvin and Norm(an) if they fancied meeting up, well it was a no brainer, the answer was yes, yes, yes!!!!
Picture 230 We decided that the best place to meet up was in Swindon as it was a half way between where we all lived. The excitement has been more than palpable and tangible, I think it could be described as almost explosive!
So we are going to meet up with Hank and Marvin ………..
Norm…….. and Norman and his good lady Sammy, who we believe he found on an internet dating site, but please don’t quote us on that.
We have been booked into The Swindon Holiday Inn for quite a while, but we still need get our train tickets, pack and try and calm down a little, it’s just too exciting for words!!


Mr.D said...


I bet Nigel will be getting his bag packed well in advance. Darrell will be thinking about fashion and what is de rigeur.

Di said...

We think we know where this is going!

Hugs, Hank and Marvin,


Dianne said...

This is the most wonderful news with excitement bursting to the max! ....can't wait to hear all about it and see how everyone is doing ......going to be the best fun!.....Love, Dianne

Pamela said...

I remember some of these Monkeys! Great news that you're able to get together again - can't wait to see the photos and here all the goss!

Mrs A. said...

Norm is still on a high from the weekend. Sammy has threatened to stick her hat pin in him if he doesn't come down to earth soon. Hugs Mrs A.