Saturday, 2 September 2017

Perhaps Not Quite The Perfect Location Location ……

It’s may only just be the start of September, with about twenty odd days before the  official opening of the autumnal season, but I think that The Towers is already looking tempting to a couple of creatures of an eight legged disposition, in search of new warm and sheltered accommodation.
First to be spotted by the eagle eyed Nigel is this fairly acceptably sized arachnid, now christened Stanley, who has been very busy indeed spinning what would be quite a romantic web on the outside of our kitchen window……….
IMG_4398…….. had Nigel not noticed that said Stanley appears to have a voracious appetite for other smallerish insects, which he seems to have set aside for his supper (and other meals and snacks), within it’s sticky threads.
However, in his and Darrell’s bedroom there has also appeared another  much darker and sinister looking creature, who, as far as we can see hasn’t yet spun a web ……..
IMG_4526…… and if/when he does, I have urged Nigel to keep a very careful eye on it, advising him that some spiders have been known to have eyes bigger than their bellies, I have seen the films!!!
IMG_4529And as for Darrell, I think he would prefer it if Phil and Kirsty were invited to take our lodger under their property finding wings and show him a few other properties in a more distant Location Location!!!!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Spiders and insects do a great job.

Where would we be without them?

Dianne said...

Perhaps Stanley put the word out to his friends the Towers was the place to winter!....looks like Stanley has settled in filling his web-larder with supplies.....autumn is on the way.....Love, Dianne