Sunday, 10 September 2017

Party Party Party!!!!

After a really lovely evening meal, where we all clubbed together and ordered three of every starter to make a “picky” smorgasbord type communal tea. Hank and Marvin invited us all up to their room to adjourn for the rest of the evening ………
IMG_4583…… and, as we were having such a wonderful time, it would have been rude not to accept such a kind offer wouldn’t it? 
IMG_4587Darrell, Nigel and I also decided that it would be the perfect time to proffer our much considered memento gifts.
IMG_4588Goodness only knows what the people in the rooms either side of Hank and Marvin’s must have thought, we were rather raucous, with great whoops of delight and several renditions of “Favourite Things” in almost Barber Shop harmony, as our gifts were revealed ………
IMG_4586 And then ….. Norm got not a little emotional, and made a impassioned speech about how Darrell and I had rescued each and everyone of those present (with the exception of Sammy) from the shrouded uncertainty of e-bay, and then, after the most stringent of checking processes, found everyone wonderful, wonderful new homes …… and how without that kindness and confidence we and his new family had given him, he would never have had found the courage to find Sammy ……. the love of his life.
IMG_4589Well, after that, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and I swear I even heard heavy sobbing from the aforementioned rooms either side of Hank and Marvin’s.
IMG_4591After several manly blows into the delicately perfumed tissues Sammy had passed around, we all duly composed ourselves and  Hank and Marvin suggested that we have a proper photo call in the morning, all resplendent in our t-shirts …..
…….. and then we broke open the Evesham sweets and Hank and Marvin brought out the bottles and drinking vessels that they had secreted in their baggage ………. and THEN the party started………..


Mr.D said...


A moving moment and lots of bonding.

Di said...

Oh God, am crying with laughter here just thinking about it all. What a great time was had - and those sweeties are fabulous BTW! So the boys tell me, snort!

Funny, I also heard banging on the walls - thought the neighbouring rooms were just joining in with the fun, same folk as those who joined in with your Eurovision party a few years ago (they could be stalking you!) - rolls on floor weeping with the giggles now! XX

Oh what a fun time it was!

Di said...

Pssst, did you have to let on about the hooch we smuggled in?!

Love from Hank and Marvin - feeling sad it's over but also limbering up in readiness for a repeat at some point in the future :) Snort!

Mrs A. said...

Oh my goodness. Put like this it does sound bad. I'm sure they weren't making that much noise but then we were on the G&it 's ourselves and rather giggly. Nuff said. Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Whoopeee doooooo......all night long........JantheFan x