Sunday, 21 February 2010

Aren’t Beaches Brilliant

Picture 029 
Today when I went down to the beach I found a star fish, it was BEAUTIFUL!
Picture 044 
When I get back to the chalet I like to look at all my beach treasures.
Picture 046 
I found an interesting piece of wood ……
Picture 050
A big blue stone and some shells.


Angie said...

I love picking up bits from the beach.
I have a square glass vase that I pop the odd shell in ...been doing it for years and it is a lot of fun ...except when the dust is obvious and I have to wash them all lol

Donna said...

Oh dear - this blog is TOO funny! I am glad I found it. My DH LOVES your background/colors (he said he's going to follow you)

Paula Gale said...

This is a true story:

My Mum once thought she'd found a piece of Amber on a beach in Mallorca and told my Dad to keep hold of it and not to lose it. On closer inspection - It was the bottom of a broken fosters beer bottle - oh how we laughed (and still take the rise out of her!!)
She'll never be able to live her beach find down!!!

Paula x x x

Mr. D said...

Blue glass is fun. Are chalets only found at the beach (and in France) or in other locations? Maybe I will start calling our fifth floor flat a chalet.