Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Young Ladies Wot Cook.

I think I am a little in love ……
The young ladies asked if I would like come and see their cooking, (and sample it too)  ….. not only are they all VERY pretty but they cook like angels …….. swoon ...

Picture 031 
First I tried several quorn mince filo parcels ……

Picture 032 
then I managed an ample portion of tricolour pasta twists in a creamy cheese sauce ….. well it would have been rude not to ……

Picture 035
I had a little rest then and watched Alice stir her posh rice pudding.

Picture 038 Picture 041
Followed by several portions of eggy bread 'n sausage sandwiches on a lovely plate -

Picture 042
and I finished with an individual mini pizza ……..

Picture 043
It was like I had died and gone to culinary heaven!


Andi's English Attic said...

Yesterday I told you Mr. Collis's monkey looked fatter than you. I think you're trying to catch him up! The food does look really yummy though. I would have eaten just as much.


Paula Gale said...

you must have been well full after all that nosh!!

Paula x x x

Señor Phil said...

A mini pizza to me is like a giant pizza to you! Yesterday we had pizza from Domino's which included jamón, carne molida and queso.