Thursday, 25 February 2010

I Thought I Saw A Flying Saucer!

Picture 011
When we were walking along the beach, I thought I saw a huge flying saucer and I was a little hesitate about going too near.
But when we got closer it was a leisure centre, with a cafe, so we stopped and had a very warming cup of coffee.
Picture 012
Nothing to be scared of after all.


emma said...

Just found this blog and now been tweeting about it to others (@emmadrew) - it's brilliant!!! in fact our whole office has now been reading adventures of monkey!
Thankyou for making us all laugh so much, and please keep it up!
Are you/monkey on Twitter so i can see when the blog has been updated?

Mr.D said...

Maybe it is a flying saucer that landed to make some money on the side. Were the workers illegal aliens?