Monday, 8 February 2010

Mr Collis’s Bus

Everyone knows I love George and his Banga Bus, but  I also know  another bus driver that I am also very fond of ……
Mr Collis takes the young ladies to their football training and other exciting trips.
We all love him, at Christmas he gives my mum a HUGE tin of Quality Street and a diary and she gives him a little bottle of whiskey.

He always wears his lovely smart green blazer, because he is Irish and at Christmas he had a green santa hat to match and lit his bus with fairy lights for us.
Picture 056 Picture 058
I feel really safe on his bus.
When it is cold, he makes sure he has a hot flask to make everyone a warm drink after a match so we’re not all shivery.
Picture 059
He lets me sit in the his driving seat, but I can’t reach the pedals or the steering wheel.
I love buses!

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Mr. D said...

Mr. Collis seems great. Hope he gets Irish whiskey and not whisky. Can you get old gold santa hats?