Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Mr Collis’s Monkey

Do you remember that I said I was going to find Mr Collis a monkey to travel on his bus with him …. well he arrived today
He was ever so well packed

rrrrrrrr yyyyyy

It was quite a struggle to find him ….

But it was worth it, because he is brilliant!

He has got the most beautiful dimples and we got on well immediately.

Mr Collis is going to LOVE him.

I can see him now, sitting with Mr Collis at the front of the bus, map reading and pointing out places of interest for all his passengers.
He will stay with me for a short while until we see Mr Collis next, we are going to have so much fun!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Monkey what a generous and thoughtful monkey you are. And yep, the dimples are gorgeous...but still not quite as ruggedly handsome as you.

Paula Gale said...

You are so kind - I hope you will keep in touch with him once he has gone to live with mr Collis. I would also love a monkey friend but i'd quite like a taller one like your goodself.

Paula x x x

Mr. D said...

Aha! So the original photo involved some deception and jiggery-pokery! At least the world has seen you both in the same photo! (Unless someone is clever with photoshop!) The mystery continues.