Thursday, 4 February 2010

My First Sherbet Fountain

Auntie Jan was telling me about the sweets she used to eat when she was a little girl.  She told me of this wondrous confection called a ‘sherbet fountain’. I’d never heard of one before and she promised me that she would get me one when she was out on one of her shopping missions
Sherbet Fountain
In the olden days they came in a paper tube, but now they’re in a plastic container (if I wash it out I can put small things in it and then put it in my pocket)
Picture1  S00061
The olden days sherbet fountain is on the left and the modern days one is on the right.
You have to suck the liquorice stick after you’ve stuck it in the sherbet.  It’s all fizzy and makes your tongue tingle, brilliant!

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Mr. D said...

I haven't had one of these in ages. Why were they called a fountain? The sherbet could catch the back of your throat and make you cough. The old paper would end up wet and soggy.
In fact two blog awards when I investigated further!