Saturday, 6 February 2010

In Need of A Second Opinion

My shoes are still rubbing me,  so I thought I would seek the second opinion of  the First Aid Lady. I was a bit frightened by her rubber gloves, but she assured me that they were an important barrier against cross contamination!
Picture 036
After looking at the state of her hands, especially the deformity of her little finger, I think she was possibly in need of more first aid than me!
Picture 037
She was very gentle and applied a new plaster.
Picture 038
She had lots and lots of medical things in her box ……
Picture 039
But she said a plaster was all I needed and that bandaging my whole leg was completely unnecessary.
 Picture 042
And I didn’t need an x-ray.
Picture 040

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Mr. D said...

A purple deformity is never good. Purple prose can be good and purple haze is great. Not so sure about purple rain as it may stain monkey.