Friday, 26 February 2010

Spending My 2p’s

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After tea Auntie Jan takes me to the Amusement Arcade, I’m not very sure about how a lot of them work, so I generally just look.
But I have used my 2p’s in the Penny Falls, I wish Lucy was with us, because Penny Falls is her very favourite Arcade Game.
I won a few times, but I put it all back …… Auntie Jan says that’s what everyone does!
A aa
You had to put 10p’s in this machine – but Auntie Jan said I could spend my money on better things and have something to show for it!
Auntie Jan is very wise like that ……

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Mr. D said...

Penny Falls sounds like someone's name. It was my favourite arcade game too, with the old money pennies when I started.