Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Film For Lucy?

The Regal Cinema is offering Hidden Figures for this weeks cinema goers delectation ……….
Hidden FiguresNigel was wondering if this sort of film would appeal to Lucy, especially as part of her job, as well as counting pigs and milk tankers, is to go through her clients accounts with a fine tooth comb (or sometimes even nit comb), checking that all the numbers add up to the penny and nothing nefarious has been hidden within!


Mr.D said...

I have seen "Hidden Figures." It is very good, and uplifting. And no nits in sight.

Dianne said...

Love mysteries myself.... this show might be just the thing for Lucy with her specialized training....Nigel is certainly busy keeping his "finger on the pulse" of all current happenings in Evesham....Nigel's inquiring mind ensures we are in the loop!....Love, Dianne