Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Another One of Nigel’s Finds ……….

Out for a mooch yesterday afternoon, Nigel happened upon, of all things, a hamster (or similar small creatures) cage!
Hamster Cage 2For Nigel the streets of Evesham have truly been paved with gold, back in the homeland, Nigel may have found the odd glove or coin or two, but never the delights of a most resplendent, yet sadly abandoned hamster cage, with, no doubt, stories to tell.
Hamster CageIt also had all the accruements for fine hamster living, but as our flat’s one hundred plus page agreement clearly states, in bold, italic, underlined CAPITAL letters  “STRICTLY NO PETS”, tempting as it was, Nigel knew that this find would have to stay exactly where he had found it, ……for someone else to stumble upon………….Hamster Cage 3a….. but not before just trying it out for size and seeing what it would be like to be incarcerated and then heroically escape!
Hamster Cage 3He also decided to avail himself of the plastic hamster that lay within, as he didn’t think that having a plastic hamster would contravene any of our “must be” adhered to leasehold rules!  Sometimes, I just wish the said streets of Evesham were not so paved in gold, as I fear what else could  be discovered and actually find it’s way home!


Mr.D said...

Nigel is quite the scout when he is out and about.

PharmacyMichele said...

What an interesting find-I'm a bit worried about Nigel trying out the cage though, visions of the door slamming shut & him being trapped then someone scooping the cage plus Nigel away!!!!


Dianne said...

Nice little cage that someone with hamster aspirations can put to good use......with ducks and swans abounding in the river, no need for indoor pets!....wonder if Nigel and Darrell will be naming special water fowl friends as they spend time together come summer!.....much Love, Dianne