Saturday, 22 April 2017

Close Season On The River ….. For Some

It’s been very quiet on the platform at the bottom of our bank, as it’s the close season for fishing, there won’t be any fishing on the river now until June 16th.
Closed Fishing SeasonIt’s a time for the fish to spawn ……. and, it’s not just the fish ……there has been an awful lot of “duck activity” going on, and it has to be said, they are not very quiet about it!
DucksFortunately, I don’t think Nigel has noticed …….
IMG_2131……. but, I think he may notice when there are a few extra mouths to feed in the coming weeks/months, however, hopefully, by that time, he will be so enamoured by all the fluffy, new, little ducklings he won’t ask where they came from ……
IMG_2126…… I hope!


Mr.D said...

Gor blimey, luv a duck!

Good luck with this.

Dianne said...

AHA!....sounds like romance is in full swing riverside!.....the question is, will all this romance make for noisy nights??.....Nigel is going to love the baby ducks and might wish to take a few home "for safe keeping" but think he will be happy with the new bounty of fish remaining in the water.....spring is bursting forth in Evesham!....Love, Dianne