Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Nigel Does The Cotswold Wildlife Park

While Darrell has been going up,down and everywhere with Lucy looking for high end materials for the upcoming renovations of Maison De La Lu, Nigel decided to take himself off to The Cotswold Wildlife Park, wallpaper and paint not particularly being Nigel’s sort of thing.
He says it was brilliant!  Never had he been able to get so close to a real life giraffe. He was there for feeding time, and though he was desperate to help feed them, the keeper in charge thought that Nigel’s diminutive size may be a bit of a health and safely issue and so suggested that Nigel might best watch said feeding from a distance, from behind the safety barrier, as giraffes tongues, he added can be very long, probing and agile.
Cotswold Wildlife ParkThere were also rhinos free to graze the manor house lawns …….
IMG_1845……. the obligatory sleeping lions …… sleeping …..
IMG_1854…….. and tapirs doing what tapirs do most!
IMG_1866There were regional pigs native pigs to Oxford ……
IMG_1865……. wallowing in thick, stinky mud, which made Nigel smile because when Lucy goes auditing, one of her jobs is to count pigs, she says you have to concentrate on their noses, and avoid moving too much!
There were penguins ……..
…… and meerkats …….
…… and even weird and wonderful hibernating banana trees.
But Nigel’s very favourite of all was the man who diligently picked up every single piece of poo in camel enclosure ……
IMG_1849…… but then went and gave all the camels a great big cuddle …….IMG_1851……. and then they proceeded to follow him round as if to say that they wouldn’t mind having another one!  Nigel said “It was very moving” and had Darrell been there he would have undoubtedly shed a tear! What a romantic job …… the camel cuddling more so that the poo picking, but nonetheless still romantic in its own way!


Mr.D said...

When I was backpacking in Namibia, there was a pet meerkat that would stand on its hind legs, looking for food.

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-sounds like Nigel had a great time. What a fantastic place to visit.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day out - poo picking and all. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

A real wildlife adventure but with Nigel all safe and sound behind a safety fence-perfect!!.....being a poo-picker-upper-is certainly necessary there but not in the least appealing as a career!....fresh air and animals may get Nigel back in the farming mood......Dianne

PS very happy to see this sweet post