Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Heartfelt Nom Nom Nom ….. Tinged With A Little Disappointment.

Following on from todays earlier and as I was at a loose end, I decided to take myself off to Flavours and avail myself of a scoop or two of their Easter Egg Gelato, purely for the purposes of research to check it was up to Darrell and Nigel’s exacting gelato standards before they in turn availed themselves!
flavoursHowever, disappointment was to be my companion as I entered the parlour and gazed longingly into the ice cream cabinet …….. it was obvious that they had been very busy ……. but alas, there was not one single dollop of  Easter Egg gelato to be had. 
gelatoMy heart was slightly heavy ……….but after a little errring and ummming I was in no way disappointed with my two scoop pistachio and salted caramel tub, nom, nom, nom!  I refrained from a flake and sprinkles, as I prefer my gelato unadorned, unlike Darrell and  Nigel who have everything!
pot of tea for oneI also cannot find fault with Flavours pot of tea for one, as I managed to squeeze two and a half cups of tea from mine, with milk to spare.  I cannot abide stinginess as far as tea for one milk is concerned,  as I do like my tea milky.
Though disappointed in one way, I suppose the upshot of this visit is that I will just have to keep popping in until the much mentioned and aforesaid Easter Egg Gelato is in!!!


Mr.D said...

"A nice cup of tea" is one of the phrases Mrs. D learned early on from me.
The wait continues. An early start may be needed. Good luck persuading Darrell and Nigel to be up at the crack of Dawn.

PharmacyMichele said...

Sound like you had a lovely treat. Maybe you'll find some Easter Egg gelato in stock next time you call-fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - seriously - my mouth is watering here! When the Easter ice cream is in - have a couple of scoops for me will you? JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Easter Egg Gelato sounds interesting.....wonder precisely what the Easter Egg flavour would be.....usually find Easter Eggs in assorted flavours: plain chocolate, coconut with dark chocolate, cream filled, etc.......definitely needs to be tracked down!.....but I wouldn't mind at all with my favourite salted caramel's a worthy pursuit so don't give up!.....Love to all, Dianne