Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lucy Calls Upon Darrell’s Haute De Rigueur Yet Again

Darrell got a call yesterday morning from Lucy asking if he would be up for a bit of a boudoir mooch around John Lewis. With the big things organised like a new floor, walk in wardrobe and complete redecoration of walls, ceiling and doors, Lucy felt that she could now start looking for the frou frou, she was, she said “…..thinking along the lines of the “Tasteful Miss Piggy” look, and Darrell was the only one she could trust to advice her on putting such a delicately balanced look together, she wanted boudoir not bordello!
Darrell said that a chandelier was an essential and timeless de rigueur for said planned boudoir, but sadly John Lewis were strangers to the  tradition five branch chandelier with candle bulbs resting in a scalloped bobeche and generously draped crystal drops and droplets, that both Darrell and Lucy had firmly fixed in their minds.
chand 6chand5
However, bed linen proved to be a much easier proposition, with Darrell telling Lucy that though colour can be very tempting, you really can’t go wrong with a simple white Egyptian 300 thread count, because it can be layered and dressed up and then layered and dressed up again ……..
chand 3……. with throws and runners and at least fifteen cushions of varying shapes and sizes, and of an embroidered, beaded, sequined and tassled type nature, even if they do end up on the, all be it, new floor when you actually get into the bed!
All in all it was a successful mission, with a white throw duly purchased and another trip planned next week in Telford to look at more chandeliers, bijoux bedside lamps and aforementioned frou frou ……….  


Mr.D said...

"All done in the best possible taste!"

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-what an honour to be asked to assist in the choosing of tasteful items for a ladies bedroom (boudoir). I'm sure Darrell was the perfect companion.


Dianne said...

Wow!...Lucy is going all out for a complete home decorating experience and lucky for her, she has Darrell's expertise right there with her.....the desired chandelier sounds perfect; beautifully elegant but definitely NOT bordello!.....what fun this all has been as Darrell guides Lucy through all the choices at hand! little personal study is, may I say, tastefully accessorized with assorted dearly beloved John Lewis goodies!......Love you, Dianne