Friday, 14 April 2017

Getting Ready For Our Easter Guest

The Towers has been a hive of activity as we are expecting a full house for Easter, while I have been attending to my online Tesco grocery order, Nigel and Darrell have been preparing our guest room for Lucy’s state stay!
guestHer room is fragrant with cut flowers, scented candles and washed linen flavour diffusers!
guest 2Her “private” coffee machine is primed with an assortment of choice coffee capsules and there is an Easter Bunny waiting for her on the bedside table. Darrell said, it is customary to put a chocolate on a guest’s pillow, but if Lucy inadvertently missed it, a matted hair and melted chocolate and foil debacle wouldn’t really be the ideal way to start our Easter morning.
guest 3I have also had to tell Nigel that if he keeps rearranging Lucy’s festive treat bowl the chocolate was in grave danger of melting too, so he was to LEAVE IT ALONE!  But we are all now ready ….. and we do so love a guest!


Mr.D said...

Everything looks great.

Does rearranging Lucy's festive treat bowl remind Nigel of his important condiment job?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr D has hit the nail on the head, or is that the chocolate packets in the bowl, when he asking if the festive treat bowl reminds Nige of his important condiment job. Happy days - and happy Easter Days to you all including Lucy on her state stay. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

As Mr. D and Jan have said, Nigel is not just an amateur arranging packets, he is an experienced arranger/rearranger!.....Lucky Lucy, lovely thoughtfulness all around making this a very special Easter holiday visit......wishing everyone happy times together, Dianne