Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Not To Everyone’s Taste

I guess every town has a couple of art critics, and Evesham is obviously no exception, after I found an offending piece of art that had caused so much displeasure that the “offended one” had decided to wrap it round a bollard!
Art Critic 2I have to admit that the picture was not really to my taste, doleful raggedy looking be-breeched boys clutching a puppy of an underdetermined breeding (obviously many times crossed) doesn’t really do anything for me either.
Art Critic 3However, I know a certain little monkey who, if he had seen this picture in it’s undamaged state, might have been tempted to bring it home to “enhance” The Towers or at least his bedrooms decor ……
Art Critic 1So, though I do not, in any way, encourage the wanton vandalism, especially of The Arts,  perhaps in this case, said art critic has done me a small favour! 


Mr.D said...

A narrow escape. It looks very much like punter art.

According to Rab C. Nesbitt, there are two types of art - punter art and the proper stuff. Punter art is the art you buy to hide a stain on the wallpaper.

Dianne said...

Truthfully, a puppy in any form is difficult for most to pass by......however, sadly, we must consider the long term effects living with a picture that sets our teeth on edge!....but I would probably worry about the poor puppy stuck in that picture..Love, Dianne