Friday, 28 April 2017

Nigel ….. Hungers For The Past

Nigel has asked (pleaded/beseeched/begged) that when I have finally finished reviewing the pleasures of most, if not all the many cafes and teashops of Evesham ……..
chinese 1……if …… we could possibly consider doing the same, but this time exploring the pleasures of Evesham’s finest Chinese takeaway emporiums ……..chinese 1aaaa…… something he is very, very, very partial to, especially a Crispy Chilli Beef or Cantonese Sweet and Sour anything.
chinese 8Back in The Homeland our beloved Jade House was just across the road and they always knew our order, but in Evesham it would be quite a walk to collect one, with the risk of our chosen dishes being a little lukewarm on their arrival at The Towers.  I have told him I will consider it, as I too, after 10 months of abstinence have a hankering for a Chicken Chow Mein and no doubt Darrell wouldn’t be averse to a Special Fried Rice,  I have said that I need to explore home delivery ……. but he could collect a few menus just in case.


Mr.D said...

You have got my mouth watering. Good luck to Darrell and his diet.

Dianne said...

There must be a solution to this take-away problem. After all it was a favourite meal and not a tradition you want to leave behind in the Homeland, but the Jade House is going to be difficult to equal!....Evesham has a challenge to satisfy this issue......Good Luck, Love from Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-I think you all been extremely good resisting Chinese takeaway food for 10months!! I wonder what will be your first order??!!