Monday, 10 April 2017

Our Happy Saturday With The PE Lady And Chris From Finance.

On  Saturday we had the most wonderful reunion with the PE Lady and Chris from Finance from our infamous days working at the “Girls School”.  It has to be said that it was emotional, so much so that we were a very remiss in our photo taking!  However, we hope we were excellent hosts ……
scones…… serving mid morning  tea upon their arrival and Aldi All Butter Scones with fresh strawberries and clotted cream, followed by taking them on a full and robust conducted  tour of Evesham’s finest charity emporiums, at their request.
PE Lady 3PE Lady 4
Let’s just say they were very impressed and several considered purchases were made.
PE Lady 2However, poor Darrell had to avert his eyes at one conjuncture of the excursion when the PE Lady pointed out the diversity in the size of certain ladies accoutrements (all new and unworn I hasten to add) in Oxfam. Poor Darrell is very much an avowed a stranger to such ladies “things”!
PE LadyPE Lady 1
But, there was also a very unexpected bonus to the afternoon, as they walked past a bustling betting office, Chris from Finance mentioned that she would have liked to put a bet on The Grand National, but didn’t know how to.  Well ….. it turned out that the PE Lady is something of an aficionado and led the party into William Hill’s.
PE Lady 6……. and showed Darrell how to make a £1 each way wager on Cocktails at Dawn, something we didn’t think we would have the time for due to our busy schedule …… Chris from Finance had a bet on number nine, but we can’t remember it’s name.
PE Lady 7Darrell emerged jubilant, “with” he said “….. feeling in his waters!”
PE Lady 8Sadly, on getting home and quickly turning on the tele, the aforementioned Cocktails at Dawn fell at the first.  However on the MUCH brighter side The PE Lady had backed One For Arthur, the winner, so much celebration, embracing, jumping up and down and tears at the finish for everyone. 
IMG_2197The visit was over all too soon …….. but not before an obligatory round of non alcoholic riverside cocktails in a jar with a guest interloper.  A very happy happy day for everyone with much reminiscing and catching up of news ……. the first of many, we hope, with our old friends now we are settled.


Mr.D said...

How wonderful to catch up!
Plus a winner in the Grand National.
I'm not sure why the obligatory cocktails had to be non alcoholic for everyone.

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like everyone had a brilliant day-shame your horse didn't win but at least you all had fun.


Anonymous said...

That day sounds just perfect even with the ladies smalls and bigs. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Congratulations to PE Lady on her win! Lovely day in every way and the mid morning tea sounds the perfect welcome.....wishing all of you will have more visits at Riverside Towers with these dear friends....the good times are awaiting!....wonderful springtime celebration for all....Love from Dianne